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Yellow Handle Sod Buster Jr. 032 CV - Engravable
Yellow Handle Sod Buster Jr. 032 CV Engravable
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The Yellow Handle has been a favorite since the earliest days of Case, it's destined to be a favorite decades from now too. It's bright color helps you find it in the event that you drop it in the woods, or misplace it.

Skinner Blade tumble polished and honed by hand to a razor sharp edge
3 5/8" Closed
Pattern 3137 CV (Chrome Vanadium-The original Case steel)
Solid Brass Liner
Solid Brass Pins

Chrome Vanadium is a harder steel than stainless steel so it will hold it's edge longer. It is however not as rust resistant as stainless steel so it must be wiped down with a cloth containing a few drops of oil to protect the steel from rusting.

Sheaths recommended for this knife:

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Name to be engraved on blade

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This Premium process darkens the engraving into the steel and changes the color of the engraved area. The color and the engraving are permanent.
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Darken Engraving on 1 Blade [Add $2.00]

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